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Thank you for choosing Crowned by Cali for your custom wig unit! Here is the Wig Form that you will need to fill out for your drop-off or mail in wig orders. WE WILL NOT start your unit without this form PROPERLY & COMPLETELY filled out. Please read in its entirety as this form is detailed and may answer any questions you may have.

In the event that you are mailing or dropping hair off that is used your hair must be clean, detangled, and free of any excess strings from previous installs. Your closure and or frontals must be clean and free of any adhesives. If you require a cleaning service there will be an additional $30 cleaning fee. (insert dropbox for cleaning fee)
Once your hair is cleaned hair must be bundled and labeled together.
Please Place hair in a plastic bag (Ziploc preferred) with your name, number, and construction type on the front.
If you are sending in an already made wig or new bundles please note the service you are wanting on the front.
Once hair is received we will mark the drop off date (date received ) on the front and will send a picture to confirm that we have received your hair for your records.

Processing time
Upon date received construction may take 1-14 business days. We will do our best to get your unit to you as soon as possible and will update you on our progress. If you need a unit constructed in 24hrs or less there is $75 expedite fee. Tracking or pick up time will be updated via email.

It is imperative that you take proper measurements. Crowned by Cali makes wigs based off the measurements YOU provide. PLEASE refer to the “how to take your measurements video” on the site. The measurements needed will be listed below and need to be taken in inches.
plucking and customizing hairline
I fully understand that glue-less frontals wigs will consist of the following listed below:
1. High maintenance.
2. Requires an additional 25-30 minutes for application daily.
3. Will not damage my edges or natural hairline and will promote healthy hair.
4. Requires “know how” i.e.; experience with frontals and blending the hairline.
5. Can have a tendency to shed or accumulate balding spots due to normal wear & tear and because of needed customization. PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS A RECONSTRUCTION FEE OF (full in amount) FOR THIS SERVICE, PLUS THE COST OF A NEW FRONTAL.
6. Are better suited for daily take on and take off.
7. Are ideal for occasions and are NOT every day wig units.
8. Requires gentle attention & maintenance.
Due to the nature of items, sales are Final once processing begins. Please note, we are not responsible for improper measurements resulting in an ill fitting wig. Please take your measurements properly and select specifications carefully.

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