Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips & Tricks
Here's a few Tips and Tricks to get the best from your extensions.
Washing Make sure to detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb or brush BEFORE washing. Use a sulfate free shampoo.
One of our favorites to use is the OGX Argan oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo with cool water washing in a downward motion to prevent tangles.
Follow up with conditioner. If you need a little extra TLC deep condition with the Original Silicone Mix.
Rinse and if you have time, Air Drying is the absolute best way to dry your extensions. We recommend washing your extensions at least once a week.


As with your own natural hair we want to keep the heat styling to a minimum. When styling use a light heat protectant.
To add a little extra shine we recommend using a serum. Biosilk Silk Therapy or Paul Mitchell Super Skinny are definitely our favorites. Whatever products you use, use in moderation. Heavy products will weigh your extensions down.
For curly and wavy textures we recommend using a combination of curl defining mousse, cream, and gel. Although straightening these textures are possible we do not recommend doing so.


Detangle hair before wrapping or adding rollers to your extensions.
Silk / Satin are your besties when it comes to maintaining your extension.
Use a bonnet, scarf, or the combination of both. In the morning your extensions will be as luxurious as the day before.